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Moon Elves is a system-neutral (or systemless) zine of sci-fi stuff. It's about a forested moon inhabitted by the descendents of astronauts that got stranded there and built their own advanced socialist utopia while the "Earth" from where they came  fell into barbarism and ruin. These moon-people soon became known as "elves."

This "lunarpunk" socialist utopia was build from inspirations in soviet sci-fi such as Bogdanov's Red Star, Tarkovsky's Solaris and Zulawski's On the Silver Globe. and I also stole a bunch of stuff from George RR Martin's sci-fi stories.

In this 28 page zine you'll find a bunch of random tables, lists, descriptions and lore:

6 random mutations;

8 Lunar Occupations for your characters

20 Random Adventure Hooks;

The Great Trees and 
6 random inhabitants of this moon tree;

6 random Dreams given you by a telepathic moon tree;

15+ descriptions of bio-technology made from plants, algae, bacteria and fungi.

12 Random Space-Travel Encounters

It's good for all of you to know that this is not a game per se, it's completey system-less, you will need proper game-system and mechanics to play it. It's a bunch of random tables, descriptions and lore

This zine would not be possible without the great, friendly and lovely community of LATAM TTRPG creators.
Y'all are great. Let's build some utopias and fight for them.

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Get this sci-fi weirdstuff zine and 99 more for $15.00 USD
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Maik, 🙂 

I am so glad to have stumbled across your birthday sale. This setting is wonderful! Thank you and happy birthday!


A socialist utopia would not charge for this, nor would it make others pay for my free copy.

A socialist utopia, like Star Trek, would have replicators that would provide for everyone's basic needs, so that art like this would not be inaccessible behind a paywall, because you require compensation for your efforts.

So I have to come here everyday, fingers crossed, looking for a community copy.

I'm disabled, so I have to e-beg. At least there's the promise a copy might show up here.

Another guy said 5 copies for a review, 5 copies for a post on social media. I did both, and there are still no community copies added.


Sorry, the community copies that were have ended and I didn't place new ones.
But, also,  I'm not a socialist utopia, I'm a poor and indebted artist. 
You can have your copy but you could have asked it in private or more nicely. 


I'm sorry. You are absolutely right!

This game is part of the RPGLatAm Collection!

Yay wood wide web book! This is neat. + drama without money at the root of it! Love zine’s attitude toward tiny rocks — “take cover or die” 💯 I’m glad you made this. Bye!

(1 edit) (+1)

Maik does a fantastic job with the task of envisioning potential conflict and issues in a society that has transcended capitalism and its ills without becoming a condemnation socialism. Problems still exist, they’re just different, and it’s up to you (or us, rather) to determine how to handle them. Beautiful art and layout, weird but fascinating concepts, and lots of thought-provoking questions raised. Highly recommend. 


This is absolutely marvelous. The level of care and creativity involved to be done by a single person is outstanding. Every adventure and every situation give me urges to play it! Congratulations, comrade!

This is an absolute marvel of a setting. I am definitely playing Moon Elves at some point, as soon as I get the chance.


Thank you, comrade!
Let me know how the game went (or even invite me to play hehehe)

I might just take you up on that! Maybe I will get a chance to run it over the next couple of weeks! I'll hit you up!