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An inimalist hack of the XB edition of the infamous GPR game Dragons and Dungeons

Stolen and Subverted from Lucas Rolim's MiniBX

Like a Wario of MiniBX, or a Waluigi of BX. A negation of a negation of a negation. Or just a weak and pretentious  excuse to play goblins and orcs and perhaps give me money?

Technically, it's just a 1 page (A4) supplement in the form of an 8 A6 pages mini-zine with 3 new archetypes for MiniBX:


          2 -Goblin Gang


Writing, Art and Layout by Maik

MiniBX by Lucas Rolim

MiniBX compatibility logo by Bruno Prosaiko

thanks to M.A.Guax for the layout tips

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsgoblins, latamrpg, minibx, orcs, Tabletop role-playing game


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​This is an utterly delightful, anti-establishment take on fantasy combat games, from the point of view of cultists, goblins, and orks. I want more.



this is why I love the Internets, this itch.io website, the LatAm RPG community, and… you, Maik. I love your work, you absolutely rock.